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Texting Drives Repeat Business Better Than E-Mail

How many unopened e-mails do you have on your phone right now?  100?  1000?  Check the Messages icon.  How many texts remain unseen?  0?  

We have trained ourselves that texts are more important and still achieve a 98% open rate.  Your customers can be encouraged to make a return visit, and you can offer them specials to fill in on slow days.  

Imagine a spa that typically has slow Wednesdays.  Text your clients to buy 1 30-minute massage and get the next 30-minutes for free!  

How about a restaurant which has a slow Labor Day Weekend when everyone goes away.  Why not offer 20% off the ticket to stop in for dinner?

If you'd like to hear more about how this promotion can help your business, give Craig Backus a call at 817.600.5701!

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