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Make your next training focused to get results

As a leader, you make sure administrators, employees, teachers, and team members are trained and ready for the new year. What will your focus area be? Use last year's data and results to guide this year’s training. Do you need to recruit and retain more volunteers, improve internal or external communications, or improve customer service?

Once you decide what training to provide, how will you deliver that to your administrators and/or teachers? Will you have a theme, giveaways, and special speakers? Will you speak to the team to give them their charge for the year? What is your plan to keep the focus and direction in the forefront all year long?

I can help you outline your training needs, deliver your training in a focused and fun way, and I can help you create a communications plan to keep the focus going throughout the year. I have 29 years of experience in communicating to internal and external audiences. I spent 14 years on the leadership team of a high-performing school district. I hope you will contact me at or 817-523-1217.

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