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Are you ready for parent involvement? 

Another school year is upon us. Is your parent involvement plan ready? Every plan should include:

*A district or campus needs assessment to show where parents are needed the most

*Parent training and orientation

*Parent recognition throughout the year

*Measurement to demonstrate impact of parent involvement

Your communication tools should also be ready for parents to see.

*Use common language across all pages of your website to create aligned messages

*Every brochure, report, and presentation says something about your brand. Use common language across all platforms.

*Use strong, descriptive language to show that being a partner or volunteer helps impact student achievement.

*Support all marketing efforts with data to show your partnership, volunteer, or mentoring program is a success. 

Judy Ramos Public Relations can help you design a parent and community volunteer program that meets your needs. Contact me at, call me, or visit my website to learn more about how I can help you create a successful program.

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